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Schedule 2024

E=mc²: The Universal Law of Data-Driven Organizations

Michael Bagalman  (VP, Business Intelligence & Data Science, Starz)

Location: Room 32B

Date: Monday, October 21

Time: 2:25 pm - 3:05 pm

Pass Type: All Access, Main Conference, Digital

Theme: Data Science

Session Type: Session

Track: Data & Culture

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Beginner

In the realm of executive decision-making, 'E' represents the effectiveness of strategic choices, 'm' symbolizes the mass of actionable data, and 'c' denotes the speed with which the organization can analyze data and communicate results. This talk addresses the unique needs and requirements for supporting executive decision-making with data, analysis, and data-driven insights. Big decisions, such as annual budgeting and product launches, differ significantly from tactical optimizations, such as A/B testing the imagery of your Instagram campaign. Let's discuss the laws of building and supporting a data-driven C-suite.


  • The required elements to build a data-driven corporate culture.
  • The prerequisite chemistry between executive decision-makers and the data/insights team.
  • The quantum leap from atomic-level tactical analysis to mastering the gravity of universal executive decisions.