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Caitlyn WoodSenior Data ScientistIBM

Caitlyn is a PhD data scientist specializing in Client Lifecycle Analytics. With a passion for machine learning and end-to-end solutions, she helps teams reduce churn and drive lifetime value throughout the client journey. Her career began with building a next-best product recommendation engine for IBM's Athena platform, which won a Gold Stevie Award in 2020 for its analytical insights. After this success, she took on an advisory role to the marketing strategy team for Kyndryl, helping to develop a lifetime value-based marketing strategy unique to consulting firms. She then improved her next best product recommendation by identifying accounts primed for expansion, providing tailored offering recommendations to increase lifetime value. She also focused on using NLP to understand emerging intent signals for clients early in their journey, streamlining messaging for marketers and sellers earlier in the funnel. Currently, Caitlyn is dedicated to understanding company-level insights to identify high-conversion activity and prioritize accounts for nurture. She is a lifelong learner, constantly seeking to innovate and develop creative solutions to complex problems.