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Schedule 2024

Sunny HuntSenior StrategistConvince & Convert

Sunny has been a customer advocate throughout her 20-year marketing career and is always looking for ways to center the customer in every marketing conversation and strategy she creates. She's primarily known for helping service-selling companies design easy-to-love online experiences that attract, convert, and keep profitable customers. Sunny works with a wide array of service-selling companies, primarily in the tech, healthcare, and home services industries. She's worked with companies like Oracle, TechSmith, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Clearwater Benefits, DHL, and Superior Fence and Rail, helping them quantify customer value and implement strategies that actively support customer retention. As a card-carrying member of Gen-X, Sunny grew up on Sesame Street and the Muppet Show, she's only spent a handful of years without a faithful canine companion, and despite her best efforts, she's a notorious assassin of orchids.