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Alton AlexanderPresident & SEO Data AnalystFront Analytics, Inc

Alton Alexander is an accomplished data scientist and entrepreneur, leveraging his advanced analytics skills honed through a Master's degree in Scientific Computing from the University of Utah and ten years as President of Front Analytics, a data science consulting agency. His passion for data and pragmatic results make him a powerful asset in the fields of marketing analytics and data science.

Now living in Utah, Alton balances his analytical prowess with a love for the outdoors, enjoying gardening and camping. As a lifelong learner, he stays at the forefront of the industry, constantly integrating new experiments and knowledge into his work.

As a workshop presenter at the Marketing Analytics and Data Science Conference, Alton's expertise and engaging style will inspire attendees. His personal and professional experiences combine to make him an authoritative voice in the data science and marketing analytics community. His dedication to data-driven decision making and commitment to continuous learning exemplify his leadership in the field.