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Whose Job Does AI Automate?

Cassie Kozyrkov  (Chief Decision Scientist, Google)

Location: MADS + CMWorld Keynote Stage

Date: Thursday, September 28

Time: 4:45 pm - 5:15 pm

Pass Type: Digital Pass, All Access Pass, Main Conference

Session Type: Keynote

Vault Recording: TBD

To automate a task reliably, it’s necessary to understand the solution first... or is it? Does AI free us to create groundbreaking solutions or are such notions mere hype? What does it mean to automate beyond human expression? What are the opportunities and dangers involved? Which jobs is AI designed to automate, and will those careers disappear? How does data fit into the story, and where does AI bias come from? In this session, Google chief decision scientist Cassie Kozyrkov talks about how to navigate new technological frontiers in order to approach AI safely and responsibly for a brighter future.