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Schedule 2024

How to Measure the Effectiveness and Impact of Your Communications

Brian Piper  (Director of Content Strategy and Assessment, University of Rochester)

Location: Room 32B

Date: Wednesday, October 23

Time: 11:00 am - 11:40 am

Pass Type: All Access, Main Conference, Digital

Theme: Marketing Analytics

Session Type: Session

Track: Driving Growth

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Beginner

There is so much content being created and we have access to so much data, how do you know what really matters, what is creating the most value for your audience, and helping you reach your business goals? How can you leverage AI to help you understand what your audience needs? This session will demonstrate a model you can use to measure and optimize your content performance for any channel or audience.

We are living in the attention economy where your content has to compete with an overwhelming amount of noise that includes everything from streaming networks and social media to AI-generated content and podcasts.

How can you start to measure and optimize your content to know if you're connecting with your target user, creating useful and valuable content, and reaching your strategic goals?

We will explore a content optimization model that can guide you through how to determine what data is most important to you and how you can use that data to improve the performance of your content.


  • Determine what data you should be tracking and reporting.
  • Understand how to find actionable insights from your data and act on those.
  • Build a process to connect each piece of content to a particular audience and strategic goal.
  • Leverage generative AI tools to better understand your audience and your data.