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Data Storytelling and Beyond: The Practical Skills Behind Better Data-driven Decisions

David Ciommo  (Data Visualization Principal, Humana)

Location: Room 150A

Date: Wednesday, September 27

Time: 8:25 am - 9:05 am

Pass Type: Digital Pass, All Access Pass, Main Conference

Conference Theme: Data Science

Session Type: Session

Track: Data & Culture

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Intermediate

Societal need for immediate gratification, and neurological development of extreme knowledge compression, inadvertently has bred a culture of mistrust and impatience. As a result, we demand clear, simple, intelligent, and trustworthy information. The challenge is, we don't always get it! What can help us regain confidence in our decision-making? One element is the improvement of our data literacy through better data storytelling. David will not only discuss why we consume information the way we do, he will also share some tips, tricks, and the process to become an instantly better data communicator.

In today's world, we are stressed and pressured to deliver products, insights and understand what matters and what doesn't. We push to adopt new ways of working and thinking methods and rush to the latest tools or processes to meet our needs and wants. The challenge is, we don't allow ourselves to slow down and implement what we already know intuitively and instinctually. We don't trust our genetic ability to tell stories and communicate information. More importantly, we don't always think about how we humans process information when creating our data stories. This talk will spawn many "ah-ha" moments and provide practical tips for success the audience can deploy immediately.

This discussion is for the beginner, the enthusiast, the expert, the business team, and the senior leader. Join this enlightening and educational session!


  • A strong comprehension of what data storytelling truly means.
  • A better understanding of why data literacy is the newest and hottest skill and how it applies to you.
  • Methods on how to communicate your data more clearly and effectively.
  • Applicable best practices of data visualization.
  • A neuroscience explanation of why we are driven by visual stories first and foremost.